About us

Forest School is an opportunity for children to experience hands-on learning in a natural environment, either in a woodland or in an open space with trees and hedges. They benefit hugely from being outside, able to run around and move freely – climbing, exploring, experiencing and learning about nature.

Currently Wild Child is offering ‘Stay and ‘Play’ type sessions in the woods, where parents/carers stay with the child(ren) that they bring with them, both during the week and also at some weekends. We also run sessions in schools. In the near future, we hope to open up sessions that could include after school clubs, holiday clubs and parties. If you have a request then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

What happens at a Wild Child session?

Whilst there are always some specific activities offered, there is a lot of opportunity for children to explore, let their imaginations run wild, get up close with nature – and maybe get covered in mud in the process!

Children are encouraged to follow their own natural curiosities and interests.  This builds up their confidence and self-esteem, whilst adults are always close at hand to offer guidance and support.

Here are some of the things that we might get up to:

  • Den building
  • Digging/mud kitchen
  • Water play
  • Scooter run*
  • Natural painting
  • Hammocks
  • Climbing
  • Woodland Craft
  • Sensory trails

and much much more!

*please bring your own scooter!